From Marginal Revolution:

1. Worldometer.

2. Reasons for abolishing the corporate income tax.

3. Ridley Scott’s 1980s deficit commercial.

4. Which books do prisoners request?

5. New theories of ideology.

6. The culture that is Manhattan.

7. Practical jokes for bees.

And the Agitator:

8. The first photo of a human.

9. It’s nice to see a piece like this at the American Spectator.

10. Mao: He was worse than you thought. But he looks great on a handbag.  Also, it’s fun to name trendy restaurants after him! Note that they don’t use artificial coloring or mass-produce canned produce. Because that would be, like, evil.

11. This seems like a bad idea.

12. L.A. Times: Disproportionate pot arrests of blacks and Latinos is unconscionable. But to stop arresting people for pot possession isn’t the answer. Which I guess means California cops should start arresting and jailing more white people, too. It’s all about equality.

13. “….there has never been a single case of any child being killed by a stranger’s Halloween candy.”

14. I don’t think this cop should be charged. But given similar stories we’ve seen, you wonder if someone who didn’t have a badge would have received the same leniency.

15. “Broke Guy Faces $2,000 Fine for Collecting Recyclables”