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Lenore Skenazy says you are paranoid.

So stranger danger is still going strong, and it’s even spread beyond Halloween to the rest of the year. Now parents consider their neighbors potential killers all year round. That’s why they don’t let their kids play on the lawn, or wait alone for the school bus: “You never know!” The psycho-next-door fear went viral.

H/T David Henderson

Slate lets you know when Halloween got so slutty.

In the 1970s.

And in case you spent your childhood in an insane asylum, here is a guide on how to carve a pumpkin.

Reason has a piece on the regulation [death] of Halloween.

Speaking of being raised in an insane asylum, it’s also a good time to pick up the 30th Anniversary collectors edition of Halloween. Though I must say, I am partial to Rob Zombie’s version.

A book on the history of Halloween here.